Kemenangan ke atas Skuad Projek FAM-MSN telah memberikan kelegaan kepada Ketua Jurulatih Kelantan FC, Marco Ragini.

Selepas sesi latihan, beliau yang ditemui menyatakan bahawa pemain-pemain bersemangat untuk mengutip tiga mata penuh di Stadium Cheras, Kuala Lumpur pada esok.

“Pada Ketika ini, saya bersama-sama barisan kejurulatihan sedang bekerja keras dalam mempersiapkan mental pemain-pemain untuk berada dalam keadaan yang optimum.”

“Tiga perlawanan dalam tempoh masa yang singkat telah melonjakkan saya untuk mengutip sebanyak mata yang mungkin untuk dibawa pulang ke Kota Bharu.”

Apabila ditanyakan berkenaan persediaan pemain bagi perlawanan menentang PDRM FC, Marco menyatakan bahawa beliau amat serius.

“Saya perlu memberi penekanan kepada kesihatan dan kecergasan pemain-pemain untuk sentiasa berada dalam keadaan yang baik.”

Oleh yang demikian, Marco menyatakan bahawa beliau tekad untuk memperbaiki kesemua kelemahan yang ada dalam pasukan Kelantan FC.

“Dalam latihan pada hari ini, saya telah melakukan persiapan penuh berkenaan strategi taktikal dan memperbaiki kesilapan-kesilapan dalam perlawanan yang terdahulu.”

Perlawanan pada esok malam di Stadium Cheras, Kuala Lumpur akan menentukan sama ada PDRM FC atau Kelantan FC akan mencuri tiga mata penuh. Sudah pasti Marco ingin mencari kemenangan yang kedua untuk musim ini.

The Rigorous Preparation Continues.

The victory over FAM-MSN PROJECT SQUAD gave a sigh of relief to the Kelantan FC’s Head Coach, Marco Ragini.

After the training session, he stated that the players were full of enthusiasm to collect another three full points at the Cheras Stadium Kuala Lumpur tomorrow night.

“Currently, all the coaches and I are working hard to prepare the players to be in optimal condition mentally”

“Three matches within a short amount of time has pushed me to collect as many points as possible to be brought back to Kota Bharu”

Asked about the players’ preparations for the match with PDRM FC, Marco said he was very serious.

“I have to care about the health and Fitness of the players to always be in good shape”

Therefore, Marco stated that he is determined to improve all the weaknesses in the Kelantan FC team.

“In today’s training, I have done full preparation for the tactical and corrected the mistakes from the last match”

Tomorrow night’s game at the Cheras Stadium, Kuala Lumpur will determine whether PDRM FC or Kelantan FC will snatch the three full points. Certainly Marco is looking forward to find a second win for this season.


KOTA BHARU (6/3/2021): I am very sad because the result of this match should be a draw ”said Kelantan FC Head Coach, Marco Ragini after his team lost 0-1 to Perak II in the inaugural Premier League match at the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium, Kota Bharu, yesterday.

The 53 -year -old operator said that the frustration was compounded when his players failed to complete the opportunity to score a goal, at the meeting.

“Perak II played well in the first 15 minutes but only after that can we play football (more organized).

“Of course we didn’t have a good finishing touch, I applied it in training sessions seven times but today we made a lot of mistakes,” he said in a post-match press conference.

Kelantan FC failed to score a victory in the first action after losing 0-1 through the winning goal scored by Perak II substitute, Muhammad Hakimi Mat Isa, in the 49th minute.

According to Ragini, the result of the match may have changed if the imported striker, Jack Hindle, did not waste the opportunity by completing a penalty kick, in the 52nd minute.

“For me, we have played well, the team has also shown the spirit to fight and give (commitment) 100 percent but sometimes it is not enough at one time.

“We were unlucky to concede the goal, we did not score a penalty but from a positive angle I know this club has a good character,” he said.

At the same time, the coach from San Marino remains optimistic that the team will be able to improve their performance from one game to the next.

“This is the first match, every match is very difficult because we can’t anticipate the ability of other teams.

“We need two to three more games to make this team stronger and and I am confident for the next game, we will play better than today,” he added.

Clearly, he will use the simplest means of delivery to ensure his men understand the requirements of the coaching staff to work professionally.

“You can imagine the new coaching staff, new staff and new players, it will be difficult but I am sure in a short time they will understand better.

“Every day I will try to show the simplest things and we will return to the basics to improve the performance of this club,” he said.


KOTA BHARU (6/3/2021): Kelantan FC’s wish to open the Premier League campaign with a right step was not achieved when they lost 1-0 to Perak FC II at the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium, this afternoon.

Midfielder Muhammad Hakimi Mat Isa’s single goal in the 49th minute was enough for the visitors to take home three valuable points.

Entering four minutes of the first half, Perak FC II changed position when Hakimi put his team ahead.

Entering four minutes of the first half, Perak FC II changed position when Hakimi put his team ahead.

Shocked by the goal, Kelantan FC rose to launch an attack to chase the equalizer.

However, import striker Jack Raymond Hindle squandered the opportunity when he failed to complete a penalty kick in the 52nd minute.

The fate of Kelantan FC continued to be unfortunate when several attempts including two headers through Muhammad Haziq Mohd Subri and import player, Mario Arques Blasco failed to penetrate the visitors’ goal controlled by G Yuganes.


“I think it is a good thing to work with young players because they are open enough to absorb new knowledge and methods that will be used to train the team.

“The CEO and management have targets, plans and foundations that they want to build with this club. I am optimistic that the target set by the CEO can be achieved based on the time given.

“Me and the coaching staff are pretty excited, as well as the technical side that will always make sure the team is always on track throughout the season,” he said.

“I think when the season runs out, this team will be able to record good results and surprise other teams in the Premier League.

“Based on what we are currently planning, I am confident of being able to change the way and improve the quality of the players in this team and will try to give what the fans want throughout the season,”


Yesterday, the Kelantan FC team officially launched the team’s new jersey for the 2021 Premier League season online using their Facebook social site.

The 3 jerseys launched yesterday, namely home, away and alternative jerseys have succeeded in making Kelantan team supporters very excited about the design that suits their taste, especially in terms of color and the use of ‘checkered box’.

Based on the launch video and also the information announced, the price of this Kelantan FC jersey for the 2021 season is RM189 for the premium edition including a team mafla. For those who want to add a name and also a number, an additional RM25.

The black and gold jersey is seen as an attraction that may be able to challenge the main jersey of Kelantan FC based on the comments of The Red Warriors supporters after seeing the launch of the jersey, which looks more ‘elegant’.

Kelantan FC jerseys can now be purchased online through the Shopee platform, and all bookings are now pre-ordered which will be shipped within 30 days according to the information displayed.



The latest import player of the Kelantan FC team for the 2021 season, originally from Greece, is expected to arrive in Malaysia on 15 February 2021 to join the squad of The Red Warriors ahead of the Malaysia League kick-off which will take place soon.

Acting in the position of central defender, Christos Intzidis is said to be navigating the defenses of the Kelantan FC team in facing great challenges from other teams in the 2021 Premier League competition.

Based on the ‘revelation’ made by the owner of Kelantan FC via the social networking site Facebook yesterday, as well as some more information shared by Christos Intzidis is now ready to fly to Malaysia from Athens this Sunday and will surely make supporters of The Red Warriors excited to await his arrival .

Last season Christos Intzidis played with FK club Miercurea Ciuc and CS Concordia Chiajna in the Romanian League 2 division division before being lured to be with Kelantan FC this season.

Christos Intzidis has also previously traveled to Australia, playing for semi pro club, South Melbourne in the 2018 National Premier Leagues Victoria.



Kelantan FC ikat Natanael

KOTA BHARU (13/2/2021): The Kelantan FC team is eager to lure players from a neighbouring country, Indonesia. This good news managed to complete the quota of imported players from ASEAN when former Sulut United winger from Indonesia, Natanael Siringoringo. The good news was shared by Kelantan FC team owner Norizam Tukiman in his Facebook account.

According to Norizam, the selection of the Indonesian player, Natanael, was made based on the current performance that the player displayed during his performance with the Sulut United team. He said, the experience with the Indonesian national team is also the backbone of the selection of the 22-year-old player.

Norizam said he was confident that Natanael would be able to fulfill the ‘wishes’ of Italian coach Marco Rajini.According to him, not only that, the player is seen not to take long to adapt to Rajini’s game.

Previously, Natanael was a former professional futsal player for the SDR FC Binjai team who played in the Indonesian Pro Futsal League (PFL) competition. The 1.68-meter-tall winger is the first player from the Sulut United team to wear the Indonesian national jersey. Natanael is the only player to ever get a call from both Indonesian national squads – football and futsal.

He was also called to participate in the selection of the Indonesian national squad in preparation for the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines.

“We offered a contract a year ago to this player. If Natanael shows his best performance with Kelantan FC, he will offer him another three-year contract, “he told Utusan Malaysia here today.

Zamsaham sambut baik keputuan “MFL”

KOTA BHARU (13 FEB 2021): Almost all Malaysian League teams in the 2021 season welcome the decision made by the Malaysian Football League (MFL) which maintains the league kick-off date of March 5. The decision was made through a presentation by MFL Chief Executive Officer, Dato ‘Ab Ghani Hassan.

Although there are some who are not satisfied with the decision made by the Malaysian Football League (MFL) because the time is too short to hold a training session of fewer than three weeks, they acknowledge the need to hold the Malaysian League according to the set date.

The view of Kelantan FC owner, Norizam Tukiman, the Malaysian League competition this season does not need to be postponed any longer and thankfully it is not cancelled directly, especially in the uncertain covid19 pandemic situation since the end.

However, he realized that with a relatively short period of time to practice, it was not used as an excuse. In fact, according to Norizam, he will find the best solution to ensure that every preparation of his players runs smoothly and gives confidence and compatibility to start the Premier League match this season.

“I welcome the decision made by the MFL to start the league on March 5, and we at the Kelantan FC team will try our best to use the remaining weeks to prepare well”.
“This is because to me, if the NSC has given permission and the MFL has already said yes, we can continue, so whether we want to or not, we need to be prepared as well because the time period is already there”.
“Maybe if we look in terms of the preparation period is a bit short, but the important thing is we are clear here that the sport of football can take place as well”.
“So if the date is set for March 5, and the team has three weeks, we just do it from being postponed for a longer time and canceled immediately, isn’t it worse”, he said.



Pihak kelab menghormati PKP 2.0 yang telah dilanjutkan oleh kerajaan sehingga 18 Feb 2021. Para pegawai kelab juga kini sedang bekerja dari rumah demi mengikuti saranan kerajaan dalam menjaga kesihatan masing-masing dan dan dalam usaha memutuskan rantaian Covid19.

        Oleh kerana kekangan ini, pelbagai aktiviti berkaitan tidak dapat dijalankan dengan baik dan kami memohon maaf terpaksa mengumumkan untuk menunda program yang dirancang pada hari ini ke satu tarikh yang akan ditetapkan kelak bergantung kepada kawalan pergerakan yang diumumkan kerajaan nanti.

        Pihak kelab berharap, semua penyokong dapat memahami keadaan ini dan kesukaran dalam kawalan pergerakkan yang telah dijalankan ketika ini. Kelab sentiasa memikirkan yang terbaik untuk semua, keselamatan diri dan kesihatan pegawai adalah keutamaan ketika ini.



[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]TRW Kelantan FC yang sebelum ini sepi dengan persiapan mula merancang strategi apabila bertindak ‘merisik’ empat pemain berstatus bintang bagi menghadapi saingan Liga Malaysia (Liga-M) musim 2021.

Pemain yang dikatakan berstatus profil tinggi, di mana sebelum ini pernah menyarung jersi skuad kebangsaan itu menunjukkan minat untuk menyertai Kelantan FC musim ini.

” Jika semua (rundingan) lancar. Kelantan FC sedia mendedahkan nama pemain tersebut kepada peminat.”

Perkara ini memberikan kelegaan buat penyokong TRW Kelantan FC,  kebanyakkan kelab lain bernafsu melakukan mempersiapkan pasukan masing-masing.

“Kalau tidak berjaya, kita akan fokus dengan perancangan yang ada iaitu menggunakan sepenuhnya kudrat ‘ubi muda’. ” Norizam Tukiman, Pemilik Kelab.

Pada musim ini, Kelantan FC bakal disuntik DNA bola sepak Itali dengan kehadiran pengendali import diketuai Marco Ragini juga bersama saf kejurulatihan mereka daripada luar negara.

Dalam pada itu, Norizam Tukiman atau dikenali Zamsaham turut berkongsi berita gembira apabila memaklumkan tiga pemain import baharu Kelantan FC dijadual tiba di Kota Bharu, akhir bulan ini.

“Saya menaruh harapan tinggi kehadiran tiga pemain import itu boleh membantu kelab ini memberi tentangan sengit kepada pasukan lain dalam saingan Liga-M musim ini,” katanya lagi.